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The theme for Men’s Health Week 2023 is Healthy Habits, encouraging men and boys to introduce small healthy changes into their lifestyles.

Will Walton, Director of Belle Property, Regional Victoria, is currently cooped up at home recovering from hip surgery. The well-respected real estate specialist used his extra hours on the couch this week to discuss his mission to get back to full health.

Do we take our health for granted?

Absolutely.  I discovered this 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.  It completely changed my mobility. I was in incredible pain, and basically had to stop exercising.  I had my left hip replaced a few years ago, and now I’ve had my right hip done.

How is the body holding up after surgery? 

Not too bad actually. The recovery period is all about getting up and moving. I’m on a lot of medication for the pain, so I’m hoping to get off that shortly.  I really want to be pain free.

Do men pay enough attention to their health? 

The statistics clearly show we are not.  I have underlying cardiac issues, so I am seeing a doctor regularly to monitor it and make sure my medication is adequate.  I am at risk of having a stroke.  It’s important to be aware of your health issues.

What small health change would you like to make to your lifestyle? 

As soon as I am pain free, on top of my list is to walk my dog.  I also won’t complain about pain to my friends anymore.

If you had three people to dinner, who would they be?

I’d have Andy Warhol, Harvey Milk and Gough Whitlam.  I met Gough once, he’s very articulate and quite charming.

What’s on your fridge right now?

I’ve actually got a new fridge, which doesn’t hold magnets.  However, it has an inbuilt wine fridge.  I can see all my champagne through the glass.

What’s your secret indulgence?

Unfortunately, chocolate.  Any type. I have no control.

 You must have a few extra hours on the couch at the moment. What are you streaming?

I’m watching this show on Netflix called, ‘Transatlantic’. It’s set in France in WWII.  It’s a true story based on resistance fighters battling the Nazis. It’s a great drama.

If you were sent off to a health farm in Wombat Forest, what 3 things would you take?

I’d take a litter of puppies, a satellite phone and an endless supply of Kit Kats.

I have never ….

Enjoyed flying in an aircraft. I have this terrible fear of turbulence.  I’ve been to ‘fear of flying school.’  Even explaining about clouds to me didn’t work.

Loneliness is a major health crisis. Statistics say 43% of Australian men feel lonely.  Any advice from you?

I think people should let their friends know how they are feeling. It’s important never to underestimate friendships.  It’s quite surprising when you are not well, just how many people actually rally around you.

If you were a hashtag?


What lesson in life should be passed on to our young men?

Tough times don’t last, people do.

Indeed, they do, and your optimism is a ray of sunshine for this Men’s Health Week. Wishing you a speedy recovery Will.

Raquel Stevens is a former Network Ten News Journalist. She has been a part time local for more than 25 years, and one day hopes to be a full time local.

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