Terri Oprean

Daylesford Rotary Club is celebrating its 70th year of service to the community this year and what better way than teaming up with Creswick Woollen Mills, in their 75th year of operation, to distribute 50 warm woollen blankets to those in our community who will be feeling this early onset of cold weather.

Creswick Woollen Mills have core values of commitment to family, community and quality built on original foundations of flexibility and resourcefulness. These core values are demonstrated in their generosity – donating 40 blankets for Rotary to distribute with an additional 10 blankets purchased by Rotary.

Families and individuals on low incomes are finding it harder to make ends meet with the increased inflation, increased rents and rental housing shortages in our Shire. Some are homeless, living in their cars or couch surfing. One fellow told us that he lived in his car for twelve months so that he could afford food and clothing and to save a little money. These people are often overlooked as they are almost “invisible” to most others. The blankets will go to people in the community who need them, especially as the weather is getting quite cold.

Daylesford Rotary members will work with a number of community welfare organisations in the Shire to ensure anyone who needs a warm woollen blanket will be able to receive one.

Daylesford Rotary is working with a number of other community organisations to support people in need and Rotary will work with these organisations to  distribute the warm woollen blankets.

The Neighbourhood Centre in Daylesford now has a shower together with a washing machine and clothes dryer particularly for homeless people and people who live in caravans and sheds, often in the bush.

CAFS (Child and Family Services) works across Daylesford and Creswick and distributes support and materials to needy families and individuals.

The Community Op Shop in East Street Daylesford is a totally local, volunteer group which looks after many locals doing it tough.

The Good Grub Club, provide meals and food packages.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a warm woollen blanket please contact one of the above organisations or contact Rotary directly.

Terri Oprean is the President Daylesford Rotary Club. Contact her by email at opreanterri70@gmail.com