Raquel Stevens

A few weeks ago we caught up with the Hepburn Football Captains for the all-important Derby.  This week we thought it would be timely to speak with one of the Netball Team Captains in the lead up to Mother’s Day.

A grade Captain, Lauren Richardson and her mum, Liz, answered some quizzical questions from Raquel Stevens.

Lauren Richardson with her mother, Liz.

AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Administration

I love most about Mum…
She would do anything for her loved ones.

Describe Mum in a sentence.
Easy going, fiercely loyal, hard working and quietly determined.

Mum is screaming from the sidelines…
Absolutely nothing, quiet observer. I make enough noise for the both of us.

My favourite thing to do with Mum is…
Hanging out and stirring her up.

I wish Mum wouldn’t…
Hate to admit it but be right.

Describe mum’s dress sense.

Mum’s best dinner dish.
Any tried and tested recipe that’s been passed on.

What’s your most treasured gift from mum?
It hasn’t been gifted yet, but I do have my eyes on a piece of her jewellery.

Mum’s watching…
The news, however, she is more likely to be caught with a book in her hand.

Mum’s idea of a good time is…
Staying low key but being surrounded by all her favourite people.

Describe mum’s dream holiday.
Anywhere she’s able to drag dad away from the farm to.

Best advice from mum.
Own your mistakes as soon as you realise them.

Mum is always saying.
Enjoy it and have fun.

Mum has never…
Let me down.

I want for Mum…
To have her time. Time to relax, do things that make her happy and to enjoy being a first-time nana to my beautiful little niece.

If Mum was a hashtag she would be…


Liz and Lauren on the beach in Torquay.

Mum to Kate (32), Clara (30), and Lauren (28).

What I love most about Lauren…
Her quick-witted personality.

Describe Lauren as a netball player.

What comments I’d be screaming from the side lines…
I say nothing! She would kill me if I did!

My favourite thing to do with Lauren…
Spending time together and enjoying the banter between us.

I wish Lauren wouldn’t…
Be so hard herself.

Describe Lauren’s dress sense.
Active wear most of the time.

Lauren’s best dinner dish…
That would be any dessert, especially cakes.

What is your most treasured gift from Lauren.
A bookmark that she made for me as a child.

Lauren’s watching…
She would not sit still long enough to be watching too much.

Lauren’s idea of a good time…
Going out with friends and having a few beverages.

Describe Lauren’s dream holiday.
Somewhere warm, possibly sailing around the Mediterranean.

Best advice from Lauren…
Don’t worry about things you can’t control.

Lauren is always saying…
Thank you, but I am a big girl. I will do it myself.

Lauren has never…
Caused me too much grief……. yet!

I want for Lauren…
To be happy, healthy, and live a long and fulfilled life.

If Lauren was a hashtag…

Liz says being a mother is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will have in your lifetime. “I feel that I am a fortunate woman to be surrounded by the love from my daughters. Luckily enough they all have seemed to have turned out alright…..so far.”

Plans for Sunday… Liz says the girls will probably surprise her.  She can’t wait.

Hepburn plays away against Learmonth on Saturday. Good luck ladies and Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Raquel Stevens is a former Network Ten News Journalist. She has been a part time local for more than 25 years, and one day hopes to be a full time local.