Favourite position:  Centre
Games:  50 plus
Occupation:  Landscaper
Nickname:  Swede
Favourite position: Forward
Games 80 odd
Occupation: Carpenter
Nickname: Hoges


Raquel Stevens dropped into training to discuss this weekend’s blockbuster Derby with Ned and Jackson.

Hepburn vs Daylesford tomorrow, what will be going through your mind?

Jackson: Just trying to get first to the ball and do it tough I suppose.

Ned: Really excited, massive rivalry, just really hoping to get the four points.

Describe the rivalry with Daylesford.

Jackson: Since I’ve been in the club, it’s been drummed in from the older blokes. I’ve only been here since 2017, and you keep hearing from the top down, there’s a lot of meaning behind it and it’s gone on for years and years.

Ned: I’ve been here most of my life, so most of my family’s played for Hepburn and been part of the massive rivalry. I’ve enjoyed watching the games, they’re always a fierce contest.

What is your pre-game ritual?

Ned: Three dim sims before the game and that’ll be right. Steamed of course.

Jackson: I don’t really have one, just to stay hydrated, get plenty of food in and a few carbs the night before. Carbonara is good.

What’s your secret spot in Daylesford?

Jackson: The Pastry King does good coffee.

Ned: I’m not a massive coffee man myself, I’m more of an instant coffee man. However, I do like going down to the springs, it’s a beautiful spot.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Ned: Mine would definitely be teleporting, 100%. From destination to destination faster.

Jackson: I’d probably fly. Zip around in the air.

Describe your most interesting life experience thus far.

Jackson: Probably having my first child. I didn’t have her, my wife did.

Ned: My girlfriend and I just got back from overseas. Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Pretty awesome places.

What’s in your fridge right now?

Jackson: The beer fridge? Carlton Dry, a few of them.

Ned: I still live at home with dad, so just the staples.

What are you streaming?

Ned: My girlfriend, she’s into the crime stuff, but it’s not really for me though.

Jackson: Kayo, always sport.

Funniest player in the team?

Jackson: A couple of the young fellas are pretty funny. Bathy, I reckon, he’s full of cheek. Cooper Bath.

Ned: I’d have to go Kyle Yanner for me.

Player to watch this season?

Ned: Liam O’Halloran.

Jackson: Jackson Carrick.

Best advice anyone ever gave you?

Jackson: Stick at something, just keep ticking along with what you have a go at.
Ned: Just go for it.

I have never…

Jackson: I have never gone home from the pub after having one or two beers. Not once!

Ned: I’ve probably never listened to my girlfriend, Lacie, either.

Most annoying footy ‘cliché’?

Jackson: Too many. Not sure on that one.

Ned: I don’t know if it’s so much a cliche, but I’m getting pretty sick of Brian O’Halloran telling us to kick the ball long.

If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

Ned: #youflyillcrumb

Jackson: #itsnotallbad

Prediction for Derby?

Jackson: Hepburn. Comfortably.

Ned: I’d say we’re confident, and the way we’ve been training. We’ll go in pretty heavy.

Who will win the Bill Malone medal?

Jackson: I reckon big Shaun Tighe in the ruck might have a day out.

Ned: Yeah, Shaun.

The Daylesford Derby is at Victoria Park Saturday. The seniors’ match kicks off at 2.30pm. Good luck fellas.

Raquel Stevens is a former Network Ten News Journalist. She has been a part time local for more than 25 years, and one day hopes to be a full time local.