Favourite position: Forward line
Games:  40
Occupation:  Carpenter
Nickname: Roy
Favourite position: Ruck
Games: 30 plus
Occupation:  Union Rep
Nickname: Jonesy


Raquel Stevens dropped into training to discuss this weekend’s blockbuster Derby with Daylesford co-captains, Tom and Ben.

Daylesford vs Hepburn tomorrow, what will be going through your mind?

Tom: The main thing is the excitement to play in one again. I’ve only actually played in one derby because of COVID. Then the third year I was at Daylesford, we had a player break his leg and the game got called off after 15 minutes. Last year I missed because I caught COVID. It’s more about getting back out there and playing.

 Ben: Saturday night will be big with our first function.

Decribe the rivalry with Hepburn.

 Tom: It’s one of the games when the fixture gets released, you look for it and figure out when you’re going to play. It’s definitely the game where you tell any new recruits. They ask you what’s the big game for the year, and that’s always at the top of the list.

Ben: Apparently, it’s big! I’ve only played in 2 and one of those games lasted 5 minutes.

What is your pre-game ritual?

Ben: Waiting for Chris Peart because he’s late and missing the Daylesford turn off when Luke Jones is driving.

Tom: Nothing too fancy, I generally stay to myself a bit. Only thing I try to do is be the last one to run out of the change rooms.  To run out at the back.

 What’s your secret spot in Daylesford?

 Tom: It’s not really in Daylesford but there’s a spot called Colbrook Reservoir. It’s just a little waterhole. I like to go camping and take the dog for a walk.

 Ben: I’ve been told there’s a new cocktail bar in town.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

 Tom: I’d say maybe to stop time. When a situation’s getting too much, you could hit pause.

Ben: Batman

Describe your most interesting life experience thus far.

Ben: I played Full Back once and I had 2.6 kicked on me.

Tom:  My wife and I got stuck in a massive snowstorm in Boston. It was pitch black, we had no phone and were trying to work out how to get an uber.  It was scary more than interesting.  We eventually got back to our hotel safely.

 What’s in your fridge right now?

 TomProbably some out of date stuff that needs to get thrown out.  Otherwise just the basics.

 Ben: On my fridge are wedding invitations!

 What are you streaming right now? 

Ben: Daylesford Vs Ballan game from last year.

Tom:  Community and The Power.

Funniest player in the team?

Tom: I’d say between Mitch Steen and Sean Naylor.

Ben: Mitch Steen.

Player to watch this season?

Ben: Jake Whelan – his pregame warm ups are elite.

Tom: I think Sean Naylor again and Adam Pasahidis. Two young players that came through the juniors that didn’t have a lot of success because there were low numbers. They’ve both had good pre-seasons and got themselves fitter, so I think they’re two that could step up this year.

 Best advice anyone ever gave you? 

Tom: I think just be yourself.

Ben: Don’t get married.

I have never …. 

Ben: Done a recovery session.

Tom: Never been skydiving.

 Most annoying footy ‘cliché’?

 Tom: Can’t say ‘take it one week at a time’, that’s what I try to do.

 Ben: Anything Cameron Ling says.

If you were a hashtag, what would you be? 

 Ben: #tall

 Tom: #chilled

 Prediction for Derby?

 Tom: Hopefully we can put on a better show than the last couple of years.

 Ben: Daylesford by a point after the siren.

Who will win the Bill Malone medal?

 Tom: Chris Peart would be right up there.

Ben: Mitch Steen

The Daylesford Derby is at Victoria Park pm Saturday. The seniors’ match kicks off at 2.30pm.

Good luck fellas.

Raquel Stevens is a former Network Ten News Journalist. She has been a part time local for more than 25 years, and one day hopes to be a full time local.