A group of residents from Wheatsheaf and Glenlyon have been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. For years they have been troubled by a low rumbling vibration at night.

A resident affected by the vibration provided this image produced by the sound frequency analyser app, Spectroid. It shows a very large peak at about 3Hz.

After initially, individually blaming neighbours and nearby farmers, now they are joining together to find a solution.

The vibration is similar to a diesel generator. “It is like having a truck with its motor running outside the bedroom window all night,” said one resident who says they have not had a decent sleep for years.

Other residents report a vibration through their chest all night and feeling exhausted in the morning. They say that the noise and vibration goes on all day, but is worse during the night, typically between the hours of 12.30 and 7am.

Reports are currently being investigated by Council and EPA.

In order to obtain a better picture of the extent and location of sound, the group is keen to hear from any other sufferers, or people who have also experienced the sound or vibration. Get in touch with them at nightnoise2023@gmail.com