The Swiss-Italian Festa (SIF) has recruited new blood to their comittee and new sponsors and may yet avoid having to close their doors.

An appeal published in The Womat Post for interested ommunity members to come forward attracted enough people to the AGM on March 20 that they were able to fill some of their vacant committee positions and plot a way forward.

During the weeks leading up to the AGM, the SIF received several supportive emails and offers of assistance which are now being investigated further with discussions pending in the months aheaad. This has certainly given the committee some hope that the SIF will continue.

On the night of the AGM, people who attended were very supportive and interested in the outcome. They were keen to hear what the committee had been through for the last 3-4 years and to understand the approach had been taken during that period.

But nothing shows support like putting your name down on the nomination form and agreeing to be part of the new committee, which 3 of the attendees did. This means the committee continues to have a quorum and can continue to function.

While this was very pleasing for the committee, here are two key positions still vacant – those of President and Secretary. The committee now consists of 6 members with the 2 vacancies still up for grabs.

Steve Carr, Vice President and currently acting President, is keen to fill the two vacancies as soon as possible. If you have an interest in all things Swiss Italian and want to ensure the Festa can get back up and running, please contact the Festa on

The elected Committee members are:

Steve Carr, Vice President
Jacinta Tori, Treasurer
Jenny Beacham, Member
Eddy Beacham, Member
Morgan Williams, Member
Raoul Benedict, TBC as Member

The committee has received an offer of prize money for artworks to be shown as part of the Festa art show and two offers of potential sponsorship. These will be discussed over the coming months to determine if, and how they might move forward.

The meeting had good outcomes and gives the committee great hope going into 2023.

Keep an eye out for potential fundraisers throughout the year which will give locals an opportunity to show their ongoing support. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with developments ib the SIF on Facebook and Instagram pages which will keep you in the loop and updated on progress.

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