Daylesford Rotary Club has made a $1,000 donation to send a Shelter Box to help earthquake victims in Turkiye/Syria. A Shelter Box contains a family-sized tent that protects people from the elements and provides a safe space in which they can start to recover from the physical and emotional trauma. Other contents vary depending on the disaster and the climate and typically
include: solar lights; water storage and purification equipment; thermal blankets and cooking utensils.

Shelter Boxes have been sent to more than 97 different countries around the world over the past 22 years directly helping more than 1.5million people. The Shelter Box project was started 22 years ago by a Rotary Club in England and now there are Shelter Box organisations in many countries, including Australia, sponsored by rotary.

Daylesford Rotary Club President Terri Oprean stated: “Our Club is a group of dedicated volunteers who carry out many projects and also raise funds. The greater proportion of funds we raise go to supporting local community groups and projects. We also support a range of projects and causes more widely in Australia such as flood victims and then elsewhere in the world with disaster aid and community projects.”

“The Shelter Boxes are a practical way of quickly supporting people who have experienced disasters. Our Club has sponsored several Boxes over recent years. Rotary being an international organisation has extensive networks and respect from most world governments allowing aid to get to all sorts of places as quickly as possible.”

“Terri Oprean added: “Many charities take a considerable time to decide how to help communities affected by disasters such as storms, wars, earthquakes and floods. Rotary Shelter Boxes are prepared well in advance, stockpiled and can be flown to almost anywhere in the world in a matter of days reaching people who urgently need shelter and basic equipment.”

“Other international support we are currently providing include: sponsoring a student in Vietnam to achieve a higher level of education than they would otherwise be able to receive and Days for Girls an international project providing reusable menstrual hygiene products.”
“If anyone would like to find out more about what Daylesford Rotary does,assist us, or would like to make donations via our Rotary Club you can approach us for banking details with the reassurance that 100% goes to the cause.”

Please contact: Terri Oprean : or