Daylesford’s Repair Café is alive and kicking after hiccups caused by covid. Over the past 12 months the Repair Cafe has stopped almost half a tonne (482kg’s) of household items from ending up in landfill.

140 Household items repaired in 12 months

More than 140 household items have been repaired and returned to good working order during the last year: favourite clothes are now being worn again after darning and mending; garden tools are digging and lopping and pruning again; bikes are free-wheeling; toasters and coffee machines are back on kitchen benches; electronic items like radios are tuned in and lamps are illuminating at night; knives and scissors are cutting cleanly; vacuum cleaners are again sucking up dirt; chairs are being sat on once more; and chain saws are preparing wood for the winter months.

How-to Workshops

In addition to repairing items, our talented and generous fixers also share their skills with locals. Over the past year the Repair Café has run ‘how-to’ workshops on darning and mending clothes; basic wood working; sharpening drill bits; bicycle maintenance; understanding electrics & electronic equipment; knife and tool sharpening; taking things apart and putting them back together; and on chain-saw and garden-tool sharpening.
And our next workshop will be held at the Repair Café in April, on basic plumbing skills with Mr Fixit- Julian Alaba. You’ll learn how to change a tap washer and much more.
Mending Broken Hearts

The Repair Café does more than repair broken household items. Thanks to Meg, you can sit, share a cuppa along with your troubles, and experience how being listened-to helps with the healing process.

Moving around the shire

In addition to our regular venue at Daylesford’s Victoria Park Pavilion, the Repair Café is branching out to other locations across Hepburn Shire. Last month, February, there was a buzz of activity in Creswick where the Café was hosted by Creswick Transitions Group and the Neighbourhood Centre. We also held a Café last year at Glenlyon Hall, joining with Hepburn’s Seed Savers. Get in touch if you’d like us to come to your town/community.

After the Repair Cafe’s lively visit to Creswick in February, the local community are looking to set up a regular event in Creswick. Get in touch if you’re interested in becoming one of the fixers and supporters:

A cuppa and cake at the Café

In addition to getting household items fixed and learning new skills, there’s always the chance at the Repair Café for a cuppa and home-made cake, and the opportunity to meet other locals keen to reduce waste.

What’s on for March Repair Café?

The March Repair Café will be back at Victoria Park Pavilion on Sunday March 19th, 1-4pm, Daylesford- Ballan Rd, Daylesford.

For more information:
Veronica Baker- 0428 180 200
Nikki Marshall – 0432 232 073
Repair Café facebook –