Daylesford District Community Bank has announced the award of scholarships to two students from the local area.

Taron Malter and Lucy Muscat were each awarded a scholarship of $5,000 per year for two years that can be used to cover expenses related to studying.

The scholarships will help fund study costs in their first years of post-secondary education.

Taron Malter will study a Science degree at The University of Melbourne. Lucy Muscat will study a Professional Communication degree at RMIT.

Scholarship recipient Taron said, “I am so excited to receive this scholarship. It makes a real difference to my ability to move to Melbourne this year to go to Uni.”

Scholarship Presentation to Lucy Muscat (centre) with Melanie Tudball (R, Bank manager) and Margaret Hodge (Left, Community INvestment Chair). (Photo: K. Boyle)

Scholarship recipient Lucy said, “Thank you so much. I am really glad to receive this scholarship because going to Uni is expensive, especially for regional students who have to leave home or commute a long way.”

Although local students of TAFE study are eligible for the scholarships, all applicants this year were enrolled in degree-level study.

Community Bank Chair Mark Rak said, “We are delighted to provide these scholarships to support local students in their education after secondary school. We are able to offer these scholarships because our customers choose to bank with us. The scholarships are part of our ongoing commitment to community investment. Since we began business in 2012, our bank has invested over $600,000 into the local community and returned over $400,000 by way of dividends and capital returns.”

Daylesford District Community Bank Scholarships are part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship Program, which partners with Community Bank branches, Rural Bank and The University of Melbourne.

For further information please contact Mark Rak, Chair of Daylesfor Districts Community Developments Limited (E:, T: 0418 106 319)