Dear Editor,

Our town and community are starting to understand the threat modern deep mining for gold ore could have for residents, waterways and the environment.

Central Victoria is now covered by numerous large mineral exploration licence areas. There are already active extractive mining operations including at Ballarat and Bendigo. The only way an active mine can commence is after a mining exploration licence is granted and a new permit for extraction is approved. You can find information at and view maps of these licences.

I keep being told that this current exploration will lead to nothing but find little confidence in the fact that the state government body controlling all aspects of mining is also promoting mining. I think the “pub” test would say, it sounds like, a conflict of interest.

Just imagine a gold mine did commence in the area and it was in Doctors Gully, Lake Road, Bryces Flat or Franklinford. Gold mines today are large scale propositions with open cut or deep incline entry operations. The mines need to be on a large scale to make a profit.

Please contemplate where and how the enormous volumes of rock and gravel would be stored, treated or carted away? How would our already compromised roadways cope with large heavy vehicle movements at scale? What will happen to the enormous volumes of groundwater released and extracted? How will the community and environment be protected from contacting disturbed legacy mercury and arsenic? See

Did you know gold mining stopped the flow of mineral water at Hepburn in the past?

Will visitors and holiday makers still want to come here or will they choose another destination?

These are serious questions we all need to be thinking and acting on before it is too late. The State Government and the new minister responsible for mineral resources can prevent mining if they determine aspects of community or environments are at risk.

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Gary Lawrence