The application for a Packaged Liquor Licence has been granted  for the Dan Murphy’s outlet proposed on the corner of Central Springs Rd and Bridport St, Daylesford.

The Commission received over 200 objections to the application. These objections were made by residents of Daylesford on the grounds of amenity detriment and potential harm.

The senior licensing officer Stephen Emmett was not persuaded by the arguments and submissions in relation the use of the land where the Premises is located  – namely the proximity to schools, a swimming pool, and a bus stop; the physical size of the Premises and car parking availability − or the Premises being inconsistent with the heritage aesthetics and character of Daylesford.

The Commission cannot influence or control the availability of police and community welfare resources. The argument that there are insufficient police resource to deal with alcohol-related harms is not persuasive in light of the fact that Victoria Police did not object to the application.

Furthermore the following arguments were considered and dismissed

  • Amenity issues in the immediate vicinity of the Premises
  • Noise levels
  • Underage exposure to liquor advertising and liquor consumption.
  • Potential for increased liquor consumption in the community

Mr Emmett clarified that the proposed use of the land are meant to be assessed during the planning permission application process that is administered by Council. Opportunities for public and external stakeholder feedback regarding land use issues, including heritage considerations, should form part of this process.

If you are dissatisfied with the terms of the decision, Section 153 of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 sets out your rights to seek a review. An application for a review should generally be made within 28 days of receiving notice of a decision or a statement of reasons for the decision and can be made by completing the ‘request for internal review’ application form. The Wombat Post estimates this means submissions must be received by the 5th of January.

Further information, as well as the application form, is available on the Liquor Control Victoria website at Alternatively, you can phone the LCV enquiries line on 1300 182 457, quoting the file number 71644A01.