Victor Szwed

Finally, we are having some spring-type weather and the rains have eased. Now that we are entering into summer, what can we expect? In short, the Bureau expects maximum temperatures to continue to be cooler than normal for December through to February. Night-time temperatures are expected to continue to be a little warmer than the long-term medians.

The past nine days have seen fairly dry conditions with just a few showers. This has been very welcome, allowing us to cut lawns, catch up on gardening and simply enjoy the milder conditions. Lots of water is still lying around and providing strong flows for water courses.

November rainfall was 103mm compared to the long-term average of 61.3mm for Daylesford. The total for 2022 is running around 1,228mm based on the Bureau’s web site, just 95mm shy of the all-time record of 1,321.5mm recorded in 1973. Recording rainfall in Daylesford commenced in 1867.

The Bureau’s modelling predicts that there is a 60% chance of above average rainfall for December which could nudge that record. My weather recording system and another one on the Ballan entry to Daylesford have already exceeded the annual record rainfall.

Our mineral springs and groundwater aquifers have been receiving welcome boosts with the wetter conditions this year and during 2021. Melbourne’s reservoirs were 98% full this week, the highest they have been for a long time.

Many communities are still suffering and recovering from the floods during spring. Lots of roads are closed in northern Victoria and many of our local roads have heaps of damage which will take a long time to repair.

One of the less important impacts is that people going fishing are reporting a lack of action. According to a life-time local, the excessive rain has resulted in fish not biting. Three of us spent 3 hours at Newlyn Reservoir recently enjoying the fine weather but no action from the fish. Still, it was nice to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe next time the fish will oblige?

The latest fire predictions, just released, expect that with the likelihood of continuing rainfalls, Central Victoria’s Fire Risk should be lower than usual into summer. However, that can change if the rains ease and warmer conditions dry out grasses and forests. Residents are recommended to have their Fire Plans ready. Better to prepare early and be ready just in case.

There are good information and advisory services available and the CFA are very active out there door-knocking and leaving brochures. See the CFA web site for information on fire season preparation:

Now is a good time to start cleaning up excess vegetation, grass and other fire risk materials around your home. Unfortunately, the free green waste disposal period at Council transfer  stations has ended.

Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who contributes a regular weather update to The Wombat Post.