Mary-Anne Thomas has been re-elected the member for the State seat of Macedon with a comfortable majority.

With 74 percent of the vote counted at the end of Saturday night, Labor had 61 percent of the vote over the Liberals after the distribution of preferences in Macedon – a slight fall on the last election.

Labor picked up 42 percent of the primary vote. The Liberals had 30 percent and the Greens 12 percent.

Locally, there was a strong vote for the Greens in Daylesford.  The Greens got twice their average for the seat (12%) vote with 23 percent in Daylesford. Labor had 35 percent of the primary vote in Daylesford.

Glenlyon and Yandoit both returned 37 percent for Labor. Labor did better in Hepburn with 44 percent of the primary vote.

Green, independent and minor party preferences overwhelmingly went to Labor to win the seat.

In the upper house region of Norther Victoria, with a third of the vote counted, Labor has only 27 percent of the vote, the Liberal/National 34 percent and the Greens 7 percent. It is likely that the Coalition will have two members, Labor two (on the back of Green preferences) and the last seat could go to one of the micro parties such as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation if they all preference to one another tightly or to the Greens.

Across the State Labor had a drop in first preference votes, particularly in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne where it is traditionally strong. It held its more recent gains in the eastern suburbs and lost only one seat to the Greens in the inner city (Richmond) with several others still in doubt.

The Nationals did well picking up Mildura and Shepparton from Independents. The Liberals did badly with another fall in their primary vote in inner and eastern seats, losing seats to Labor and possibly to several others to Teal candidates.

Despite getting Liberal Party preferences ahead of Labor, the Greens only had modest gains, mainly in the inner city.

In the new parliament, Labor is likely have at least 50 seats in the lower house with the Liberals/Nationals in the mid 20s and the Greens with at least 6.