Farmers for Climate Action, who represents 7000 farmers across Australia, has launched a new video asking all parties contesting the Victorian election to commit to fair payments for farmers who have transmission lines on their land.

CEO Dr Fiona Davis said transmission was the key to unlocking cheaper power bills by connecting renewable energy projects to the grid.

“We know renewable energy projects will cut emissions and put downward pressure on power bills once they’re connected to the grid,” Dr Davis said.

“This means transmission lines on farmland.

“All Victorians will benefit from the lower power prices this transmission across farms will create, and if you use our land, you should pay for it. It’s only fair.”

The video features farmers from across Victoria calling for annual payments to farmers for transmission on their land. Currently, this does not exist.

The video will be visible on social media channels for the next couple of months.

It follows the NSW Government announcement of a $10,000 a year annual payment for 20 years for every kilometre of transmission line on their property.

Watch video HERE