Letter for the Editor

Our rural property suffered flood damage to two of our dams in the recent floods/storms.
One of these dams has been an ongoing restoration project for us since the massive floods of 2011.

We decided that a part of the updated restoration should be an inverted steel drain to funnel high floodwaters that come over the dam wall into a formed chute comprised of gabion sized rock, placed on edge to slow the water down and prevent further erosion.

Yesterday was another trip to Castlemaine to the Pyrenees Quarries, where we handpicked stone to suit and stacked it in my box trailer up to a safe weight for my 1996 Magna wagon to tow home, carefully to Daylesford.

Towing a heavy trailer is not a fun exercise at the best of times, but I had not reckoned on the selfish, intimidating tactics of a silver Mazda driver as I was about to depart from the Castlemaine outskirts.

Waiting, stationary at the Maldon Rd to Midland Hwy T intersection, I gave way to many cars approaching from my left and when I spied a reasonable break in the Southbound traffic, I moved forward facing Daylesford.

Naturally, taking off from a stand start, I had to respect my clutch and was not able to go raring off down the road.This driver from probably 250metres back, suddenly sped up to the rear of my rock laden trailer and freaked me out as he drew level with my window, as he leant on the horn to show his displeasure.

I was in shock as he continued this tirade as he was still on the wrong side of the road and facing oncoming traffic.

I hope he reads this letter and has a personal think back to his actions that were completely unwarranted and apart from lacking a bit of patience had chosen to show me who was boss, in no uncertain terms.
That was road rage!

He could have easily caused an accident.

I had a think about the drama as I drove home and considered that people who live in country towns are aware that they often share the roads with folk who are pulling trailers, caravans and such and that it is sensible to show consideration, because one day they may be towing a heavy load, themselves.

Stefan Nechwatal,
Sailors Falls