History of the Daylesford Court House Complex #2

Last week, we described the history and significance of the Courthouse, the current home of the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre.  Our thanks to the Daylesford Museum for helping us in our historical research.

But The Courthouse is not the only culturally significant building in the Complex.

The Police Quarters and Office

In 1875 the sturdy little Police Quarters and Office was constructed for the grand sum of 529 pounds.

It is a modest four-room cottage which served as the single policeman’s residence (accommodating up to four constables) and office for nearly a century.  Only one other surviving example of its kind remains in Victoria.

The local police presence in those times comprised Sergeant Lawrence Whelan, Detective Constable Thomas Walker, two mounted constables (including Constable Brady) and five foot constables (Constables Sullivan, Irwin, Mansell, Tandy and Dawson – the last also acting as the Lock-Up keeper).  Interestingly, the list of Daylesford residents reveals that there were no less than five solicitors in the town at that time (Messrs Armstrong, Bell, Foott, McCormick and Wharton), plus a barrister (Joseph H Dunne) and a law clerk (Frederick Nalder).

As the Gold Rush abated, however, so did the need for such intense judicial operations.  Within twenty years, ordinary court sessions had dropped from three per week to only one, while the Police Magistrate himself was no longer even resident in the town.

The Police Quarters has been managed by DNC, renting the building to various community-based organisations over the years.

Come up and visit it, and see the other buildings of historic significance at the Court House Complex.

Next week:  The Lockup

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DNC Joke of the Week  (Submitted by a reader!)

Last week I made a purchase from a local shop.
Last night I found my purchase was faulty/not working.
I took it back to the shop and asked for a refund.  The shop assistant said “No!”
I asked again for a refund or replacement.  I got the same response – “No!”
I then insisted on speaking to the manager.  His response was the same, but more forceful: “No! No! No!  You are out of luck pal!!”
I tell you what … .  I was livid!
That’s the last time I’m buying a lotto ticket from that shop!

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