The historic Daylesford Spa Country Railway will resume regular operations between Daylesford and Bullarto on Saturday 29 October 2022.

Operations were halted completely by storm damage in the June 2021 storms. Limited operations resumed a few months ago but the tracks have now been cleared all the way to historic Bullarto station.

The track is a section of the railway between Carlsruhe and Daylesford which opened during 1880. The first section between Carlsruhe and Trentham opened on February 16, 1880, with an intermediate station at Tylden. The second section from Tylden to Daylesford opened on the March 17, 1880 with an intermediate station at Bullarto.

The railway was closed in July 1978 because deteriorating track conditions made the line unacceptable but in June, 1980, the Central Highlands Tourist Railway was formed and the long task of restoring the railway to operating condition commenced. In September 1990 railmotor services were restored between Daylesford and Musk for the first time in 13 years. The section of line between Musk and Bullarto was reopened in March 1997. In early 2002, The Central Highlands Tourist Railway adopted the trading name of Daylesford Spa Country Railway.

Bushfires in February 2009 closed the track for a brief period but the 2021 storm damage took much longer to repair.

The section of track is between Daylesford and Bullarto is the only remaining section of the original Carlsruhe Daylesford railway.

Regular tourist operations from the Daylesford Sunday Trains will resume but the trains are available for private bookings and may travel at any time or day of the week. Motorists should be vigilant approaching any level crossing between Daylesford and Bullarto and ensure that they can stop if required.

Particular care should be taken at the following level crossings in the Musk/Bullarto area where persons may not have seen rail traffic for some time. Railway reopened signs will also be erected at these locations.

For more information about the Daylesford Spa Country Railway, see their website.