To the Editor,

Readers of this paper will know, from a recent column, what my concerns are in relation to the big rainbow.

So it finally happened, we have been awarded, or should that read punished with, the BIG RAINBOW. Tinder the dating app is responsible for this abomination. Why do we always have to celebrate with ugly big things? The big banana, the big pineapple and that horrid thing on the western highway, the big koala, to name but a few.

Now we seem to be stuck with it, and of course, the question of where to place it comes up. My suggestion is in the tip and even there it would look out of place.

Nowhere will it look good. It will take away from any spot in and around town. Just imagine it in your mind. Think about the green fields, the finery of the blossoms in the spring, the surrounding forest and then place the big rainbow into that picture. Surely you come to the conclusion that it doesn’t belong in our town. That it just doesn’t fit. We are about to take a step, or should that be a leap backward in our collective appreciation of ‘beauty’. There is no subtlety to be found in and around the BR. It is blunt, overbearing and will visually dominate any place it will find itself. I don’t even know why I give it the time of day.

Petrus Spronk