Local accommodation providers are concerned about proposals to cap short term rentals in Daylesford.

The Greens are campaigning for a cap of 180 nights on short stay accommodation, giving owners corporations rights to regulate short stays and requiring a mandatory register of short stays.  Similar proposals are in already in place for Byron Bay.

These measures respond to the problems of people finding longer term rental accommodation at an affordable price, particularly in popular regional areas like Daylesford.

Daylesford is a popular tourist destination. Major accommodation sites list around 300 – 500 places to for short stay accommodation locally. Australian Traveller magazine has a feature on Australia’s TOP 50 towns and Daylesford is showcased in the latest edition.

There are concerns about the impact of over development and growing visitor numbers, including the growth in short term accommodation.

But proposals to cap short stays are hotly contested by accommodation owners. The Australian Short Term Industry Association is becoming very active in response to local government capping on short term rentals. In particular the Byron Bay LGA proposal to further restrict short stays to a 90 night cap, commencing 2024.

There has been significant push back from the accommodation industry in Bryon Bay.  There are concerns that the extent of short term accommodation has been over estimated and that the introduction of caps will have a significant economic impact on jobs and property values in Byron Bay. Others around Australia are watching this closely.

Locally, accommodation providers have initiated a meeting with the Hepburn Shire to discuss the Council’s directions.