Dear Editor,

Your correspondent (David Penman, 16 September 2022) talks about the vocal minority stymieing development in Daylesford.

I ask where do you draw the line when talking about minorities?

After all, isn’t a developer in the minority when compared to those objecting to what they see as overdevelopment or inappropriate development that seems to be happening in Daylesford at the present time.

Some examples are the Smith St development with 53 plus sites and the site at Hepburn Springs that used to be owned by the council.

From what I can see there is little or no infrastructure happening within the town to cope with the increase in population that these developments will bring.

Our main supermarket barely copes with the population as it now is.

By all means sympathetic development should be encouraged but not development at any cost that benefits the developer yet leaves the town in general the poorer.

Paul Gray,