The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, located in the town’s historic Old Courthouse, is a dynamic organisation that has offered a range of activities, including pre-accredited and general courses as well as community development programs, information and training to satisfy the needs of our very diverse community.

A number of courses are ongoing, and others start in October.

For information about the following courses and how to enrol, email or call 03 5348 3569

Intro to Auslan (Beginners)

Auslan for Beginners is an introduction course to Auslan. Students will learn about Australian Sign Language of Australian Deaf Community. They will lean the basic signs and communication strategies for simple conversations. Each week will focus on finger-spelling, handshapes and practising Auslan communications. It is fun, enjoyable and anyone can join in. Certificate issued on completion.

Djembe Drumming classes

This is going to be an exciting course, combining music with physical movement.

Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

This nationally accredited training covers the skills and knowledge required to apply good hygiene practices for people wishing to work in the hospitality industry.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

This is an official Victorian Liquor Licensing Commission program designed to give participants skills and knowledge necessary to ensure a safe environment in licensed premises.

Provide First Aid or Provide CPR Only

This course covers the initial care of a sick or injured person. First aid training can save lives in the critical time before emergency services or medical help arrives. The course complies with  workplace health and safety regulations.  Your First Aid Certificate will be valid for 3 years, however you are required to undertake CPR annually to ensure currency.

French Language

This favourite course will cover both conversation and grammar.

One-on-One Computers

One-on-one support designed to help you learn to navigate your way around a computer based on what you need it for. Learn at your own pace, explore the internet, learn how to use social media, confidently access services online, use emails, set up devices and applications, shop online or just feel confident with your technology. No experience necessary. Suitable for beginners.

Safe Seats, Safe Kids: Child Restraint Fitting and Safety Checks

70% of childcare restraints are incorrectly fitted, posing a serious safety risk to children travelling in them.  Have a professional fitter install or check you child’s restraint.

DNC invites local parents and carers to book in for a free child care restraint fitting or safety check.

When?  Monday 10 October 2022 at DNC, 13 Camp St. Daylesford.

Bookings are essential.  Parents and carers (including grandparents) can book in a free childcare restraint fitting or safety check by going to to make a booking.

DNC Joke of the Week

Old Vic, the farmer, has a watermelon patch and when he checks on their welfare, he discovers that some of the local children have been helping themselves on a regular basis.  Old Vic thinks hard of different ways to discourage this very unsatisfactory situation.  Eventually he decides to put up a sign that says: ‘Warning! One of these watermelons contains poison.’

Old Vic smiles smugly as he watches the youngsters run off the next evening without stealing any of his melons.  However, the next day when Old Vic returns to the watermelon patch, he discovers, to his horror, that even though none of the watermelons have been taken, another sign has been erected that reads: ‘Now there are two!’