Hepburn Shire Council last week hosted two important forums which brought together leaders in Local Government, including CEOs, Directors and Mayors from across Victoria.

LGPro Fis the pek body for Local Government Professionals across Victoria. Their forums are usually held in Melbourne but at the invitation of Hepburn Shire CEO, Bradley Thomas, the recent meeting was moved to the Daylesford Town Hall.

Bradley Thomas said that it was an important event for the Shire. “These forums allow CEOs and leaders from across the sector to work together and explore solutions to issues facing councils in Victoria, but particularly those in rural areas like ours,” said Mr Thomas.

The forum was followed by the Rural Councils Victoria Forum on Friday. This forum brings together Mayors and executives of the 38 regional councils across Victoria.

RCV Chair, Cr Mary-Ann Brown, launched the Rural Councils Victoria State Election Platform. The platform emphasises the urgent need to upgrade and maintain dilapidated rural roads network, greater funding for the fair provision of services for rural communities, funding for housing in rural Victoria and better emergency management and natural disaster preparation and support for rural tourism businesses.

The Hon Melissa Horne MP, Minister for Local Government, addressed the meeting on Friday.

A Rural Housing Panel led by Homes Victoria  CEO, Ben Rimmer, considered the particular problem of housing in rural and regional Victoria.

” These forums play a key role in supporting the state’s economy.  Building resilience and capacity in our rural areas means we can better meet challenges and prosper, and it benefits the rest of the state,” said Mr Thomas.

“These forums also provide a boost to our local economy, with hundreds of people coming to our Shire, and staying, dining and exploring,” he said.