Four units recently constructed at 1 Bleakley St, Daylesford (Opposite the BP station), have been removed from sale prompting considerable commentary and conjecture in the community.

Approximately 2 weeks ago the sales board was taken down and the properties apparently removed from online sale. There was speculation in social media that the withdrawal resulted from a number of site issues relating to water or the nature of the landfill potentially causing subsidence. The Wombat Post has been unable to verify the reasons why the properties were removed from sale.

There is a discharge of storm water from three pipes onto the adjacent property designated as 142 Vincent St (but located in Bleakley St). This surface water flows down to the lake. A map from DELWP (Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) clearly indicates a water course that crosses both properties.

There is also an old mine adit that runs beneath the site and beneath the town to near the Farmer’s Arms Hotel.

Council has confirmed that the sited was previously owned by Council and that the land was transfered as part of a commercial agreement for the purchase of The Rex. In that agreement, the land was valued at $297,500.

Council approved a planning permit for construction on the sitebut the building permit was issued by a private building surveyor whose responsibility was to consider suitability of the site for the development.

Council is not aware of any risk to the public.

The Wombat Post is continuing investigations.