Petrus Spronk

With the blue grey greens of the winter forest for a background, Spring’s palette is emerging with a wonderful brilliance in the garden. As bright as the colours squeezed straight from the artist’s tube. Some examples:

Dobs of Yellow in the cups of the daffodils,
Splashes of Red around the tulips,
A hush of Blue of reflected sky in the bird bath,
Shades of Purple in the Dutch Iris,
Flames of Orange in the wall flower display,
While the fresh sea of Green
fills in all the remaining space.

Spring’s inspiration.


Spring doesn’t wait around for a specific date. She doesn’t need one. Spring steps out when it suits her. When she is good and ready, when her dress is made to fit. Only then will she come out and fully reveal herself. Only then will she give us the pleasure of her company. The creation and design of Spring’s dress is what is slowly starting to happen just now. Especially in the garden. Spring’s wardrobe.

Spring’s agenda is connected to a much larger plan then we could ever perceive. A plan concocted in the drawing rooms of the great cosmic design studio. However, occasionally small amounts of information are released, such as this week, the first of the daffodils came out, creating the thought that Spring was definitely in the air.

In fact, Spring will have only truly and fully arrived here just before Summer makes his arrival known. It takes that long. If you want something wonderful, well designed and exquisitely created, you have to have patience. It takes up to three months to get this full ‘Spring Exhibition’ on the road, from beginning to end. From the ideas for this year’s show to the fully finalised and presented design. The biggest and most magical design project of the year. The Spring collection. Nature’s most wonderful colour statement.

We wait with bated breath, camera at the ready. What have the designers come up with this time. To keep us interested, they release teasing little titbits of visual information. A snow drop here, a blue bell there, an exquisite fragrance wafting on a soft warm breeze. We wonder, is Spring about to spring or is it just Winter wearing out.

When Spring is finally here, she’ll want to enjoy herself. She will makes a few dates of her own. Having lost all interest in Winter, she will flirt with Summer and organise her dates around him. You will be able to hear her sigh with desire and loveliness sometime around November when their love affair is fully blossoming. Blossoming into the heat of summer after which she bids us farewell. Some like it hot. Spring doesn’t.

In the meantime we will just have to wait and see. While the big seasons play out their affairs on the larger stage of the cosmic theatre, we mere mortals will have to be satisfied with the little signs. Little signs here and there. Tell tale signs of what is going on above and below.

That first glimpse in the garden. The colours, slowly emerging from the ground into which they disappeared for safe keeping last autumn. You may have felt her presence, that soft feel of spring. Felt that first mild moment at sunset. Noticed the earth being pushed up vigorously then, just a while later, break open and reveal the tips of the new tulips tentatively working their way up from the bulb. Or watch the first garlic or broad beans sprout their delicate viridian creations.

Like one day last week when I walked outside and caught a glimpse of her. Just a fleeting moment from the corner of my eye. But enough to know she was about. Later I found stronger evidence and definite signs – signs written all over the garden. It took time to gather some of this evidence and bring it inside. Once inside I put it all on the table, moved it about, composed it in this way and that until, in the end of this playing, a picture was created, fell into place. A little of the garden on the table, then via this paper, into The Wombat Post.

Grass which has been waiting pops up.
Buds which have been waiting pop out.
Blossoms which have been waiting blossom.
Leaves which have been waiting don’t leave, but unfold.
Flowers which have been waiting dress up in colours.
The sun which has been waiting burst out of the clouds.
People who have been waiting are smiling sunshine.

And the clouds?
The clouds which have been hanging around don’t want to leave and also seem to be part of this spring springing.

“Water the seeds of Joy first.”


Petrus Spronk is a local artist and sculptor who contributes a monthly column to The Wombat Post.