Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skill training for people with intellectual Disabilities (All Abilities Group)

This program has been running at DNC for 20 years, with most of the 8 participants coming from the Daylesford / Hepburn region.  Many of those participants (5) have been in attendance for 15 years or more.

Dianne Walker has been the volunteer Coordinator for the last 15 years, having built a deep relationship with the group. Participants’ ages range from 29 to 69. Most live independently, while others live in supported aged care facilities.

On top of the learning aspect, it has become a key social group, and we facilitate day trips and socialisation activities throughout the year including trips to galleries and wildlife parks.

The program is funded by the Department of Family Fairness and Housing and is open for enrolments all year round. Please contact us on 5348 3569 for details.

One on One Computer Lessons 

Need help coming to terms with the Web, the Cloud or Social Media?

Every Tuesday, Peter, a volunteer, helps people connect to the internet, computers and mobile phones. Call the DNC staff on 53483569 or email at to make an appointment.

Employment Services

Need help finding a job that fits you?

DNC hosts five employment agencies (APM Employment Services, AXIS Employment, Asuria, CVGT Employment, CatholicCare Victoria) with each focusing on a specific cohort of people.  We support the agencies with reception and printing services, and work closely with them on developing or running skill-based courses that support working locally e.g.  First Aid, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Food Handlers.

The list of agencies and their contacts can be found on our website: .

Daylesford Arts, Recreation and Cultural Centre (ARC)

Want to get involved with sports at the ARC? Here is who you need to contact:

Sprung Circus—Mara Macs— 0477 499 342

Daylesford Tang Soo Tao Martial Arts —Damian Smith – 0428 994 859

Volley Ball—Colin Priest—0447 487 674

Squash Bookings—DNC—53483569

Basketball Clinics—Sam Camilleri—0417000736

DNC Joke(s) of the week (This week: dinosaurs!)

What do you call a dinosaur who is a noisy sleeper?
A Tyranno-snorus!

Scientists discovered a new dinosaur that is very intelligent.
It’s called a thesaurus.

What’s the nickname for someone who put their right hand in the mouth of a T-Rex?