Homelessness in our Shire is an increasing issue. The Wombat Post has highlighted it over the past weeks.

DNC is developing their toilet block to include a homeless shower and laundry facility to meet the needs of the growing homeless community across the Shire. In the meantime, on referral from any of the Homeless Support Groups, DNC will pay eligible individuals’ taxi fare to/from the Caravan Park, and the $5.00 shower fee. Homelessness Support Groups include DNC, Central Highlands Rural Health, Daylesford Foundation, Safe Place, Creswick Neighbourhood Centre, Hepburn Shire Council, Clunes Neighbourhood Centre and Child and Family Services.

Further, DNC has engaged with a group of community groups and with Council to address the issue. Outcomes so far include:

  • DNC and Clunes Neighbourhood House are installing onsite facilities.
  • Creswick Neighbourhood House is working with Council to identify a potential similar facility.
  • Homeless people who are camping out in Victoria Park are being moved on, forcing some into free camping sites around Hepburn Shire. We are trying to identify potential local sites that have long term camping possibilities in order to end the destabilizing cycle.
  • An informal working group has been formed to collaborate on providing support. The working groups includes DNC, Daylesford Foundation, Hepburn Safe Houses, Good Grub Club and Community Opportunity Shop Working Group.

Clunes Neighbourhood House is leading the development of the operationalization of their facilities, developing the wrap-around services, policies and protocols. The pilot of their facility will form the basis of the operationalization of the DNC facility.

N95 Masks available!

DNC currently has a supply of N95 masks available for any community members who would like a small supply. We have boxes of 10 available free of charge.  Please pop in to DNC to collect your free box of masks.

Skill Based Courses

DNC conducts First Aid, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, and Food Handlers courses regularly throughout the year. They are aligned to school term delivery.  We use ‘The Laurels’ Training and Education based in Bacchus Marsh as a recognised RTOto deliver these courses.

We occasionally run Certificate 111 TAFE courses, such as Individual/Aged Care, delivered locally by GenU (Ballarat). Due to COVID, we have not run these over the last two years, but we’re looking to re-introduce these and other courses.

If you would like to express interest in completing a Cert 111 in Individual Care to commence early next year, please email  admin@dncentre.org.au. See our website https://www.dncentre.org.au/ or call us on (03) 5348 3569

DNC’s Joke of the Week

A man goes to his doctor because he can see into the future. The doctor asks him, “How long have you suffered from that condition?” The guy tells him, “Since next Monday.”