The Macaroni Factory in Hepburn Springs is getting a new lease on life.

Jenni Draper and Jennie Wilmoth have recently become the custodians of the Factory taking over the labour of love carried out by Maria Viola over many years.

The  Sisyphean task the Jens have embarked on is discussed with Robyn Rogers in a podcast available on Hepburn Community radio.

The Macaroni factory has been a Hepburn Springs landmark for 163 years since Swiss and Italian migrants came to Australia for gold or to escape the aftermath of the revolution to integrate Italy in the 1850s.

The Factory thrived during the gold rush providing pasta, bread and salami to the miners. At its height, it included The Hepburn Democratic Club and the Italian Reading Room across the road at what is now the Savoia Hotel.

During the period before and after World War II the Macaroni Factory fell on hard times until more recently, when Maria Viola took on the task of conserving it and restoring some of the heritage values including the building and the garden.

With Maria‘s assistance Jenni Draper and Jennie Wilmoth hope to be able to conserve the building and Gardens for future generations and continue the restoration work.

They would like to see the building open again to the public through accommodation and celebrations of important events and milestones. But the extent to that is possible will depend on navigating the complex regulations and requirements for heritage buildings.