Indigenous Garden

Thanks to a recent grant received from Hepburn Shire to assist us, we will soon be constructing an indigenous demonstration garden at DNC.

The garden will highlight local indigenous species, provide detailed information on the flora and information about where to source secies locally.  Visitors will be able to see the plants first hand, and the growing conditions required.  A focus will be on those plants that attract native wildlife.

Later this year, visitors and interested parties, may also choose to have a personal onsite assessment of their garden with recommendations, free of charge from the Hepburn Gardens for Wildlife volunteers.

We look forward to engaging in the near future with local nurseries, along with the Gardens for Wildlife group, for the supply of local indigenous plants. We hope to have a lovely space available for the community to visit and to gain inspiration and information.

Facilities facelift

DNC is taking on a new, bright and shiny look!

We have had two rooms painted by a volunteer for only the cost of paint – a significant saving on the $4k quote for one room.  We are now investing in carpet for the Public Hub and Jurors room as the varnish on the floors has lifted and would require re-sanding and sealing.  Carpeting the Jurors Office is required to refresh the office.


The University of the Third Age (U3A) has taken up permanent residence in the Court House, one of the Heritage facilities managed by DNC.  We welcome their regular educational and creative courses and activities.


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