The proposal for five “Skybarrels” to be constructed at a site located at 70 Camp St Daylesford, adjacent to the historic Cornish Hill mining precinct, has been amended to five “Shacks”.

The amended plans have been circulated by the applicant, Camp St Daylesford Pty Ltd (Permit Application No. PA3333).

The “Shacks” proposal consists of structures built on stilts and will be approximately 10 m high. Although lower that the original 12 m Skybarrels, they will be very visible from many locations including sections of Lake Daylesford.

The applicant failed to meet the VCAT members’ order for distribution of any revised plans.

Concerns have been raised that the distribution of the amended plans is not in accordance with the VCAT orders which stipulated “Notice … must be delivered or emailed to the recipients by no later than 14 June 2022.” This was to be sent to all residents (not just objectors) covered by the original application PA3333. This did not occur. This was raised by objectors with VCAT by objectors on June 15, however, as of June 23, they are yet to receive a response.

A spokesperson from “no2barrels” (a group of objectors to the original proposal), expressed concerns that there have been an ongoing failures by Council, the applicant and now VCAT to either comply with specified dates or respond in a timely manner. These failures have left objectors and
concerned residents severely disadvantaged.

Despite Hepburn Shire Council being nominated as the responsible authority in the Notice of an amendment of application (PNPE 9 Form A), this application has not been listed for public discussion or review at the Council meeting 28 June 2022. Given the timelines in the VCAT Order it is unlikely that the community will have an opportunity to understand Council’s position or raise any specific issues of concern.

Residents who are concerned about the proposal and require a copy of the amended proposal should contact the applicant’s solicitor John Hannagan of Harwood Andrews, and request a copy.

Any resident who wishes to have their views considered by VCAT must submit their “Statement of Grounds” and this must be lodged with the VCAT Tribunal by 5 July 2022. (VCAT Reference No. P218/2022)

Resident’s who have concerns about the “shacks” can contact “no2barrels”.

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