Learner drivers in Daylesford and surrounding towns that don’t have access to a supervising driver or a suitable vehicle can now benefit from the local TAC L2P program.

The importance of having a driver’s licence in more regional, rural, remote communities is paramount to the young person’s ability to gain and maintain employment, attend training or education and reduce social isolation. The the further out of town young people reside, the greater the barriers, especially if they are reliant on public transport.  Gaining a licence provides the independence to be able to attend commitments without the added complexity of transport.

Local charity, The Daylesford Foundation, has donated a vehicle to the Ballarat Foundation to enable local volunteer mentors and learner drivers in the Daylesford area to have easy access to a vehicle.

The Ballarat Foundation has relaunched their TAC L2P learn to drive program in the Daylesford and greater Hepburn region. The program will specifically support learner drivers who have trouble accessing a vehicle or driving mentor, two things that are critical in achieving the required 120 hours practice prior to obtaining a probationary licence.

The launch was attended by students of Daylesford Secondary College, teachers, L2P volunteers, representatives of the Ballarat Foundation and the Daylesford Foundation and Cr Lesley Hewitt.

Following the launch, students participated in a vehicle maintenance workshop in which they learned to change a tyre and check the oil.

“We are pleased to be working with the Ballarat Foundation in supporting young people to succeed through gaining their licence,” said Jim Foster from the Daylesford Foundation. “We know a vehicle in Daylesford is vital in supporting this valuable program.”

Both Foundations are working with the local community to attract and engage both learners and volunteer mentors that could support and grow the program.

The learner driver will be matched with a trained supervising volunteer mentor who will assist with driving practice whilst being a positive role model in the life of that young person.

Andrew Eales, CEO of the Ballarat Foundation, said “We are grateful for the generosity of the Daylesford Foundation in providing a safe vehicle to be housed in Daylesford. This will enable more learners to access the TAC L2P program and set them on the right path towards independence in early adulthood. This is a great example of community partnerships working together for the good of the community.”

Learners and volunteer mentors can apply for the TAC L2P program via the Ballarat Foundation website, by emailing l2p@ballaratfoundation.org.au or by caling on 0422 809 587.

About The Ballarat Foundation

The Ballarat Foundation is a catalyst for positive community change by enabling philanthropic solutions to social problems. The Foundation promotes socially responsible giving, engages donors, builds community partnerships, delivers grants and operates programs which reduce disadvantage and encourage connection, cohesion and prosperity.

About The Daylesford Foundation

The Daylesford Foundation provides support to those who cannot afford the basic essentials and are unable to access existing charitable or government aid. The scope of support is varied and may include, essential foods, household goods, household maintenance, emergency vehicle repairs, medical appliances and computer hardware and software.  Assistance to cover the cost of school fees, school camps, excursions, apprenticeships, and other education related activities is also available. A management team of local residents is dedicated to helping people living in difficult circumstances lead healthy, fulfilling lives.