Council has failed to meet the required deadline for a decision on a proposal to erect five 12-metre high “Sky Barrels” on Cornish Hill and the proposal is now to be determined by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT).

At a VCAT Practice Hearing today, Council  confirmed it will consider the planning merits of the proposal at its ordinary meeting on May 17 and will provide VCAT with its position on the application prior to the VCAT compulsory conference hearing which has been rescheduled for May 31.

The proposed development would be located a block back from Duke Steet (off Houston Street) effectively in line with the Lake House and bordering the  Cornish Hill Reserve, an area of significant historic and heritage significance.

The proposal will be opposed at VCAT by a group of local objectors who have formed the “No2Barrels” advocacy group. The group includes a number of people who lodged written objections to the proposal and a number of additional people who subsequently joined forces with No2Barrels.

Residents who object to the proposal (PA3333) can still lodge their written objections with Council. Council, and as a result, VCAT, are obliged to take note of resident’s concerns up to and until a determination is made.

In an amendment VCAT order, objectors can submit their Statement of Ground via the VCAT web site until May 20, 2022.

“We welcome Council’s decision to re-engage and provide valuable direction and support to residents,” said a spokesperson for No2Barrels. “All Daylesford residents should be concerned as these ‘Sky Barrels’ will be visible from many locations around the lake and town. Furthermore, if successful, it would provide a precedent for other inappropriate developments at other Daylesford vantage points.”

A similar proposal for Mt Bunninyong was opposed by Ballarat Council and their decision was upheld at VCAT earlier this year.

Residents who have concerns about this development can contact the group at  The group would especially like to hear from original objectors who have not been in contact.