Celia Waldron

A place of tranquillity and for reflection on a perfect Autumn day.  Golden Leaves drift on a gentle breeze to settle at my feet and the hair of a bystander – a COVID escapee from Melbourne, soon to be a new resident in the Shire.  She walked toward me with a quiet and friendly Hello and comment on this beautiful place. Yes I happily agreed, such a peaceful place to stop and reflect on the great sacrifice – or whatever.

It was so nice to hear a like minded soul, as I had been watching visitors giving this simple memorial a wide berth on the track winding down to the well groomed park below, without a sideways glance. One beating a bank of bushes with his bush walking stick for no apparent reason.  Why? It was a semi violent act that broke the tranquillity.  So shocking I searched for a reason and couldn’t find one as he moved on.  I wanted to gently admonish but was eager not to add an awkward exchange..

I too turned away to my car to watch the gentle soft tribute of a carpet of beautiful leaves that later will nurture this place of tribute.

No band or military garb needed – just  four  wreaths , two lovingly knitted with red poppies, one of flowers from the Shire Council and one an unnamed simple arrangement I expect was from a family. Was it to remember a family member or as a quiet remembrance of so many?

Lest we forget.


Celia Waldron is a member of the Editorial Board of TheWombat Post and a member of the Daylesford Writers’ Circle.