Victor Szwed

Autumn has started mild. Summer maximum temperatures were less than we usually see. It felt like autumn started early rather than around the autumn equinox in the third week of March.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s official readings showed no rain in February for Daylesford and then 59mm in the first week of March. Just a few showers followed mid-March with the monthly total around 65mm by late March compared to the long-term average of 45mm.

April to June is expected to be wetter than normal in Australia’s north and north-east while close to average in most of Victoria. Western Victoria is likely to be below average. La Nina had been weakening but neutral conditions are now not expected till late in Autumn.

Temperatures have continued to be mild during the day and warmer than average at night. For April to June the Bureau advises that there is a greater than 60% chance that minimum temperatures will be higher than average across almost all of Australia. Maximum temperatures are also expected to be higher for large parts of the nation including Victoria.

If you wish to read more about the Bureau’s analysis and predictions go to This has other links which provide a range of detailed information.


Autumn fuel reduction burns are important but do cause discomfort to some people. (Photo: Victor Szwed)


Victor Szwed is a local resident who contributes a regular weather column to The Wombat Post.