Council is experiencing an all-time high number of planning, building and septic applications in addition to a very high number of general enquiries and information requests and this is affecting response times for applications and inquiries.

“We acknowledge that our responsiveness to enquiries isn’t as efficient as it has previously been, but please know we are working hard to turn this around. There is a state-wide shortage of planners, which is also impacting regional councils,” said Shire CEO Bradley Thomas in his report to Council on Tuesday evening.

According to the Australian Financial Review, 85% of Australian businesses have reported that workforce shortages are limiting their capacity. Workforce shortages in supermarkets, schools, hospitality and local government councils are well documented. Workforce shortages are due to a number of factors. To some extent, employees are considering their options as a result of the pandemic.

“It is likely that over the next few months there will continue to be some delays as we work to boost resources in the team and get through the bulk of applications which continue to come in,” said Mr Thomas.

The Council maintains a list of planning applications on their website including the application date and the current stage of consideration.

“This does mean we have a number of employment vacancies and I encourage you to view these opportunities on our website,” Said Mr Thomas.