The contractor for kerbside rubbish and recycling collection, Suez, has announced some changes in collection days for some parts of Daylesford from the the week beginning April 4. There will be no gap in kerbside collection service for affected residents.

A letter to affected residents indicated the last day of the current schedule and the first day of the new schedule. Unfortunately, some households received a letter with incorrect dates for the start of the new schedule. The error was simply a reversal of the day and month. For example, for some residents the last recycling day of the old schedule is March 31 (31/3/2022) and the first date of the new schedule is April 12 (12/4/2022). The error was made as a result of reversing the day and month, so some residents received a letter saying their service would resume on December 4.

The error has been noted and new letters will be sent in the near future.