More than thirty people gathered at the Wombat Hill Rotunda in silence and solidarity with our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters last Sunday.

Many people in Daylesford and Hepburn Shire are very concerned about the unjust invasion and destruction by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces.

While there is little we can do directly, we can discuss this crisis and voice our support for the Ukrainian Community. Also, donating to recognised support services can help the millions of Ukrainians who have had to flee to Poland and other countries.

The Band Rotunda on Wombat Hill provided a focal point for those gathered to listen to a Ukrainian Folk song, a Ukrainian Prayer and their National Anthem. Blue and Yellow candles were lit and people observed a minute of silence. Then  each person took a turn to express a word of hope and encouragement.

This gathering was organised by locals Jude Brown and Millie Gouldthorpe.