Overwrought is a metalwork and garden art gallery located on the Midland Highway diagonally opposite the Swiss Mountain Hotel in Blampied. They have an indoor gift shop and a delightful outdoor garden where you can enjoy a coffee and a sweet treat. (Locals can get a coffee for only $3 which makes it well worth the 10 minute trip from Daylesford.)

The gallery started in Daylesford but moved to Blampied six years ago because the business had grown and they needed a bigger space.

They create unique wrought iron metalwork, including gates, metal wall art, outdoor garden furniture and benches, laser cut privacy and garden screens, garden art and sculpture.

Their sculptures are fabricated from Australian steel on site and tours of their factory are on offer. Their products are available from the shop and can also be ordered online through their website at overwrought.com.au.

“The business wasn’t slowed down by lockdowns over the past couple of years,” said manager, Selena Smith. “Although many of our customers are from Melbourne, they shifted to our on-line shop and we actually had to put more people on during the lockdowns to keep up with orders.”

If you think that metal sculpture is a job for old blokes in sooty dungarees, think again. Overwrought is starting their seventh female employee next week. Almost 60% of their factory workforce will be women. Not a bad thing to celebrate for International Women’s Day.

Women on the tools are not that common in metal work businesses but Karen and Dave, the business owners, have always been strong supporters of women in their workforce. Women have been employed from the start – welding, packing grinding and selling metal.

Overwrought has found that suitable work clothing and boots shaped to fit women are readily available through outlets specialising in women’s workwear. Work areas have been adapted to suit male and female workers. There are lifting and manual handling devices and trolleys to help with heavier items so everyone stays safe.

“Men and women work as equals in our factory and enjoy a great team relationship,” said Selena.  “Come for a coffee in our garden and have a tour of the factory. It’s well worth the short drive.”