A “Grove of Gratitude” at Wombat Flat, Lake Daylesford, was an initiative ov the 2021 ChillOut organisers.

The project was inspired by the Avenues of Honour which feature at the entrance to so many Australian cities and towns in honour of locals who have fallen in wars.

A hundred trees and shrubs were planted, dedicated by LGBTQIA+ groups to those who have made a difference in their organisations and communities.

The Grove is intended to be an ongoing revegetation project which will be enhanced each year by plantings during the ChillOut festival. The Grove is not just a memorial – it is a living museum for our communities.  It is intended to be a place to sit, reflect, picnic and be among the spirit of our communities.

Unlike Avenues of Honour, though, plantings in the Grove will not have plaques in honour of those remembered. Rather, the Grove will be linked to a website with more information about dedications in the Grove.

This year it is intended to plant sedge as habitat for bright eyed brown butterflies (Heteronympha cordace) which live in wetland areas and tea trees (Melaleuca).

This is a free ChillOut event open to the public. Join the planting on Thursday, March 10 starting at 11:00 in the main carpark at Lake Daylesford.

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