Lucinda Lowe

The inaugural year of the Hepburn Women’s cricket team has been a huge success, and that’s even before we have made finals. We lost our first two games, have had one washed out and have won the other three, with one more home and away game this Friday against Guildford.

More than our won/lost record though, the thing I am most proud of as Captain, is the effort my team puts in week in and week out. I have said it a million times to the team but we have truly improved each game!

We lost our second game to Castlemaine Blue, by just one run. However the following week, after fine-tuning our skills and developing strategies to suit the game’s unique rules, we were able to beat Castlemaine Gold by 32 runs.

Numbers were low at the start of the season. However we obtained new recruits and have managed to make our team even more enjoyable. Tara Ford, Sam Anderson and Subi Clark have been electrifying additions to our bowling line-up and Susan Verbyla’s wicketkeeping is continually improving, to such a point that she’s teaching Jenny Schellekens’ her ways. Carol Black is our “caught and bowled” queen, and Nicole Olver bats like Meg Lanning every game.

Finals were a pipe dream at the start of the season, therefore being in the top four and so close to locking in a finals spot has exceeded all of our expectations in our first season.

We are so grateful to all of the support we have gained throughout our debut season and welcome the prospect of additional players joining our ranks next year.

Lucinda Lowe is the Captain of the Hepburn Women’s Cricket Team.
The final home and away game for the season is at Guildford Oval Friday evening starting at 6:00 pm. 

Hepburn CC Women’s Team (Photo supplied)