Interactive games are a great way to keep your mind active and to have fun with friends – and not just for teenagers!

The Daylesford District Community Bank  has provided funding for Central Highlands Rural Health’s Social Connectivity project to support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of residents through a virtual reality unit.

The unit was recently installed at the Daylesford Aged Care facility and is a great source of entertainment for the residents.

On Friday 11th February, Melanie Tudball (Branch Manager) and Mark Rak (Daylesford District Community Developments Ltd.) met with residents and staff to get a demonstration on how the technology works and witnessed first-hand the enjoyment it brings.

“It was an enjoyable afternoon playing games with the residents and chatting about how much fun they were having,” said Mr Rak.

The Tovertafel  unit is a games console designed for use in healthcare settings and designed specifically for people living with dementia or an intellectual disability.  It was developed by a Dutch medical technologies company Active Cues and launched in 2015. The console contains a high-quality projector, infrared sensors, a loudspeaker and a processor with which interactive games are projected onto a table. It stimulates social, cognitive and physical engagement for the participants using games that have brightly coloured images and motion sensors.

Ms Tudball commented, “What a great use of technology!  It’s always great to see how much value our Community Grant program adds to local programs and facilities. The smile on the residents faces spoke volumes.”

Catherine Robertson, Director of Nursing at Central Highlands Rural Health, said, “The unit has brought much joy to our residents over the past few months.  We are very grateful to the Community Bank for providing the unit and supporting the wellbeing of our residents.”