Arts Collective seeks vacant spaces and empty places…..and most importantly you!

The newly emerging Daylesford Arts Collective (DAC) is a loose association of like minded creatives looking to bring energy, colour, activity and life to those spaces within the town that are otherwise empty and lifeless, and the Covid new-norm has created quite a few.

I can think of at least 4 in Vincent St alone.

The growing membership of DAC feel its a positive contribution to a place that gives them inspiration and a strong sense of community. It is clear that the number of studio based printmakers, painters, ceramicists, photographers etc far exceed the number of venues able, willing and interested in showing their work.

So, DAC seeks to utilise those spaces that are currently unused and unloved to support the efforts of these arts workers and coincidentally, contributing to the heartbeat of the Shire, a symbiotic relationship between artist, community and Council.
And the good news is…..due to the efforts of several of Council Officers, DAC is already pursuing spaces that may realise this vision.

DAC does not charge commission on works, entry fees, or derive any monetary gain from the art works that will go to sale. The use of these spaces will be based on a popup model with works normally presented over 3-5 days as a short term sales event. Members help service the space with some volunteer time.

What we need now are creatives who are doers, flexible thinkers able to pivot on a penny and move quickly and efficiently into spaces as a cooperative when these spaces become available. If you already have an existing sales space, are already successful or are thinking traditional Gallery, this may not be for you.

However, if you want to join a group of folk who want their work to see the light of day, build the confidence to do more work, be part of an idea that may challenge your current ideas then let me know.

All I need is the who, what and how of your interest.