Victor Szwed

Here are the answers to the “Where is it? What is it? #6”  pictorial quiz. The quiz will return in the New Year.

Photo 21: An “amazing” building close to last week’s sites

Photo 21: This is the “Presbyterian Church Mt Prospect and Smeaton” located on the Midland Highway about 1 kilometre past the Overwrought Sculpture Garden and Gallery. The church was built in 1861. The clue “Amazing” refers to it being next to The Maze which is a great place to visit. The Maze has a café, gardens and a hedge maze for children and adults to explore. Nice spot for a picnic as well.

Photo 22: Hungry? Thirsty?

Photo 22: Hungry? Thirsty? Well, one of a number of good eating establishments in Creswick is their Farmers Arms Hotel. Located on your right as you turn left at the roundabout just past the hardware store. Why not explore Creswick and try their eating places over a couple of months. Only a 20 minute drive from Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Photo 23: I’m on the road to nowhere, as the song goes, or maybe somewhere?

Photo 23: Looks like a country track that is little used. However, it was once part of the Midland Highway.  Located on the right hand-side, half-way between Overwrought and The Maze, this historic bluestone bridge was built in 1883 by the Creswick Shire Council. If you haven’t noticed it then have a glance on your right as you head from Daylesford towards Creswick. When was Creswick Shire amalgamated with the Daylesford and Glenlyon Shire together with Trentham from Kyneton Shire and Clunes from Clunes and Talbot Shire? January 1995. For recently arrived residents, Daylesford and Glenlyon Shires were amalgamated together in 1966. Back in 1860 the Borough of Daylesford existed as a separate entity as did the Shire of Glenlyon and the Shire of Mt Franklin. In 1915 Mt Franklin was absorbed into Glenlyon Shire because its rateable income was below 1,500 pounds per annum.

Photo 24: “Return to Sender” is the cryptic clue

Photo 24: “Return to Sender” refers to a Boomerang which returns to its thrower. The horse sheds in the photo are part of Boomerang Ranch located on Ranch Road off Tipperary Springs Road, Daylesford. The other clue in the photo is the pile of horse droppings on the ground. Boomerang Ranch has horse riding, accommodation and is a popular place for school groups and other groups looking for affordable accommodation in a great rural setting. Riding for the Disabled Daylesford operates at Boomerang and provides valuable experiences for many people ranging from children to adults. RDA is a volunteer group that has assisted many people for more than 25 years.


Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who has been involved in various community roles in our Shire for more than 26 years.


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