Dear Editor,

The ‘Skybarrel’ development proposed for Cornish Hill (PA3333 listed for 70 Camp Street, Daylesford) is seemingly identical to one originally proposed for Mt Buninyong. That proposal was rejected by Ballarat City Council and that decision affirmed by VCAT (Clifftop at Hepburn Pty Ltd v Ballarat CC [2021] VCAT 910). There, the determinative issue was ‘the impact of the proposal on environmental and landscape values’. The Tribunal found the proposed built form to be unacceptable.

Now we see the same built forms proposed for a mining heritage precinct where local groups have worked hard to preserve the industrial heritage. I find it an unconvincing claim (made in the application) that the galvanised steel frames might emulate the old gold mining headframes. I am concerned that the proposed ‘Skybarrels’ will detract from the Cornish Hill heritage precinct as well as from the lake precinct and that their approval would set an ugly precedent for Daylesford.

Also currently listed on advertising is a repeat application for the glamping resort proposed for Elevated Plains where Council’s decision to refuse a permit was affirmed by VCAT (Clifftop at Hepburn Pty Ltd v Hepburn SC [2021] VCAT 546). Here the determinative issue was the risk to human life from bushfire.

No doubt tourism is the lifeblood of Daylesford but I strongly believe that developments designed to accommodate tourists need to be of an appropriate form and in an appropriate location.

Name supplied,
Elevated Plains