This is the sixth in a series of articles to encourage you to explore our region and our amazing Shire. We are gradually travelling around different parts of our Shire.

Firstly, the answers to the fifth photo quiz:

Photo 17: Did they use a “curtain” when they unveiled this in 1985.

Photo 17: The twisted clue “curtain” actually should be “Curtin” as in John Curtin. He was born in Creswick in 1885 and died in Canberra in 1945. John Curtin was leader of the federal ALP from 1935 to 1945 and Prime Minister 1941 to 1945 leading Australia through the crisis years of World War 2. This memorial commemorates the Centenary of his birth and is located in Raglan Street just behind the Creswick Post Office and the Community Bank.


Photo 18: One of the “Famous Five” talented family members who lived in our Shire for a while.

Photo 18: The “Famous Five” were the siblings of the Lindsay family who lived in Creswick and became famous as artists and authors. The picture is of Norman who was a Painter of oils, watercolours, etchings, pen and ink as well as cartoonist and author. The other famous five were Lionel, Daryl, Ruby and Percy. Their parents had ten children and Lindsay family members lived in Creswick for a Century. Have you done the “Lindsay Arts Trail” in Creswick? If not, visit the Visitor Information Centre and do this tour to learn more and have a look at the Magic Pudding Playground. There is a series of interpretive signs around the town to inform you.


Photo 19: An easy one if you are observant when on the Highway.

Photo 19: This old truck advertises the Commercial @ Kingston a Hotel, Café and Gallery. Kingston developed during the gold rush as a thriving town with as many as ten hotels and various other commercial establishments. Take a leisurely drive from Daylesford, turning right at the Swiss Mountain Hotel along the Daylesford – Clunes Road and continue to Smeaton to see the historical bluestone Bridge and Anderson’s Mill and then on to Kingston to see another historic town with a great avenue of honour.


Photo 20: Low kilometres, one owner. Part of “Flower Power”.

Photo 20: On your way back to Daylesford at Eganstown look out for this old wagon and Spring Park Nursery which has been operating since 1993. They stock a great range of plants including roses, peonies, tomato seedlings and various flowering plants. You can also see their plants at the weekly Sunday Market at Daylesford Railway Station and the monthly Rotary Farmers Market at Daylesford Primary School. Roses and Peonies make great presents and some have amazing perfume smells.






Now this week’s photo quiz, continuing our travels around Hepburn Shire


Photo 21: An “amazing” building close to last week’s sites


Photo 22: Hungry? Thirsty?


Photo 23: I’m on the road to nowhere, as the song goes, or maybe somewhere?


Photo 24: “Return to Sender” is the cryptic clue

See The Wombat Post next week for the answers.

Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who has been involved in various community roles in our Shire for more than 26 years.