This is the fifth in a series of articles to encourage you to explore our region and our amazing Shire.

Firstly, the answers to the fourth photo quiz:

Photo 13: An interesting historic building located in a “Paddock”.

Photo 13: This historic building was the Police Residence built in 1875 in the Police Paddock in Camp Street, Daylesford behind the old Court House. Built for 529 Pounds and 5 Shillings, it was used for almost a century. There is a series of interesting interpretive signs in the Camp Street precinct, well worth exploring.

Photo 14: Only partly “going around the bend” in Daylesford. You can learn a lot next door.

Photo 14: Located at the bottom end of the Daylesford Primary School on the corner of Ruthven Street, where you can “learn a lot next door”. This post was an old way of marking a bend in a service pipe, probably water. Nowadays we just need to do “Dial Before You Dig” on-line to get all the information and maps we need to know about where all the services are, be they water, gas, phone, electricity, sewer or NBN.

Photo 15: A great landmark building that might get you curious about what’s inside.

Photo 15: The Curios and Antiques Store on the corner of Vincent Street and Central Springs Road. Another great historical building which was: the Clarence Hotel in 1854 – known as the “Grog Cave”; Bank of Victoria 1868; Commercial Bank 1943; Tourist Bureau Road Station for the Blue Line Pioneer Tours Ballarat Bus Service in 1946;  National Bank; and then in 1973 and since, Triggers Old Wares Stores. If you haven’t been inside then you have missed a unique attraction.

Photo 16: Where and when can you buy some great produce? Keep an eye out when you come into Daylesford.

Photo 16: The Daylesford Farmers Market run by Rotary, fourth Saturday each month, except for the Covid interruptions. Funds raised are used for a range of Community projects and causes. For instance, Daylesford Rotary recently contributed $5,000 towards the Master Plan for redevelopment of the Daylesford Hospital and $2,000 towards Hepburn Regional Community Cheer. A great Market that complements the weekly Sunday Market at the Daylesford Railway Station.



Now this week’s photo quiz, let’s take a trip to other parts of our Shire:

Photo 17: Did they use a “curtain” when they unveiled this in 1985.


Photo 18: One of the “Famous Five” talented family members who lived in our Shire for a while.


Photo 19: An easy one if you are observant when on the Highway.


Photo 20: Low kilometres, one owner. Part of “Flower Power”.


See The Wombat Post next week for the answers.

Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who has been involved in various community roles in our Shire for more than 26 years.


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