This is the fourth in a series of articles to encourage you to explore our region and our amazing Shire.

Firstly, the Answers to the third photo quiz:

Photo 9: What sort of bird could build a nest like this high above the town?

Photo 9: This bird’s nest is a great sculpture created by well-known local artist Miriam Porter. It is located in the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens just below the Fernery. Have you explored Wombat Hill? There are many surprises and little treasures to discover, particularly as spring moves into summer.


Photo 10: A “Watering Hole”, though not much water is consumed.

Photo 10: At this “Watering Hole” little water is consumed as lots of fine beers and wines are consumed and good food is served. The Swiss Mountain Hotel on the Midland Highway in Blampied was built in 1865. It is one of the oldest weatherboard pubs in Victoria. It was revitalised and re-opened in 2014. Prior to this, weather observations such as rainfall were hand-written on the wall.


Photo 11: This Black Cat wants to be entertained.

Photo 11: This Black Cat is looking to be entertained with books, CD’s, DVD’s, comics, magazines and much more. The cat is about to enter the Paradise Bookshop in Vincent Street, Daylesford. A great place for locals and visitors to explore and find new and pre-loved items. You can often find a magazine dated with the birthday of someone you are seeking a gift for.


Photo 12: This Jazz player is in a state of excitement.

Photo 12: This Jazz player is in a state of excitement or is “overwrought”. The Overwrought Sculpture Garden and Gallery on the Midland Highway in Blampied has lots to see and is a great place to spend some time and to take visitors.


Now this week’s photo quiz:

Photo 13: An interesting historic building located in a “Paddock”.


Photo 14: Only partly “going around the bend” in Daylesford. You can learn a lot next door.


Photo 15: A great landmark building that might get you curious about what’s inside.


Photo 16: Where and when can you buy some great produce? Keep an eye out when you come into Daylesford.


Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who contributes regular columns to The Wombat Post.

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