AusNet Services has released details of the proposed route for overhead transmission lines in the Western Victoria Transmission Network project.

The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project is a proposed 190km overhead high-voltage electricity transmission line that will carry renewable energy from Bulgana in western Victoria to Sydenham in Melbourne’s north-west.

The updated route narrows the alignment corridor previously released and indicates the preferred location of a large terminal station on Blampied-Mollongghip Rd near Telegraph Rd.

Mayor, Cr Tim Drylie, said that Council is strongly opposed to the proposed route and the size and location of the terminal station.

“We are extremely disappointed at the lack of transparency and poor community consultation with this project and we are calling for a full review by the State Government. We understand the announcement will be very concerning for members of our community,” said Cr Drylie.

The Western Victoria Transmission Network Project is subject to an Environment Effects Statement (EES). The EES process is administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on behalf of Victoria’s Minister for Planning under the Environment Effects Act 1978. AusNet Services is currently preparing an Environmental Effects Statement.

Once the EES is completed and released for public comment, there will be opportunities for community involvement.

“We have been advocating strongly on behalf of the community and are extremely disappointed that the concerns of Council and the community have been ignored. The upcoming EES process will be vital and Council will be making a strong submission,” said Cr Drylie. “We will also be supporting the community to make submissions during the EES process by holding information sessions in early 2022.”

“While Council is highly supportive of renewable energy, our clean energy future must be based on trust with community and we are strongly opposed to the transmission lines being above ground and along the route proposed. It will have a significant impact on our valuable agricultural land, significant landscapes and the health and wellbeing of local people. The proposed lines will also impact tourism, a significant part of our local economy, by diminishing overall amenity and the visitor experience,” said Cr Drylie.

For more information on the Council position on this project visit Transmission Network Project page on the Hepburn Shire website.

For more specific project information and a map of the proposed route, visit


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