Daylesford’s Repair Café is back on again on Sunday November 21st, after several cancellations due to COVID lock downs.

This month they have a workshop on Understanding Electrics & Electronic Equipment, with Susan Butcher and Hamish McCormick. Susan is a regular Repair Café fixer and has extensive experience working with electromechanical and electronic equipment. Hamish MacCormick, another Repair Café fixer, also has experience with Electro-mechanical equipment and is trained in testing and tagging electrical equipment. So, come along and learn some of the basics of electronics and bring any electrical equipment you may want repaired or safety tested.

In addition to the workshop, this month they are starting a soldering table. They will have their usual repair stations including bikes, general mechanical repairs for household items and gardening tools, plus darning and clothes mending as well. There’s also knife and tool sharpening.

Covid safety:  Repair Cafe has to have a COVID plan to be inclusive, accessible and meet safety requirements . Council stipulates that unvaccinated adults are not allowed inside council buildings, so they will have some repair stations inside and others outside.  They will have hand sanitisers at all repair stations/tables and at the kitchen cafe. Please bring and wear masks.

Be aware that the Daylesford Collectables Fair will also be happening on Sunday at Victoria Park. They will have stalls set up outside in the Show Grounds. The Repair Café will be at the usual site in and around the Pavillion.

For further information: Nikki Marshall (0432 232 073) or Danny Kinnear (0488 604 231).  Or check out the Daylesford Repair Café Facebook page

A Gold Coin donation would be appreciated.