The Town Hall has been transformed. Donations of flowers and greenery have filled the main hall over the past 24 hours as local gardeners contribute to the Sprout Festival.

Members of the Daylesford and District Horticultural Society and the Friends of Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens are creating floral displays for 120 local businesses in Daylesford and Hepburn. Forty local community associations have paired with traders to mount some of these displays.

The Festival is a celebration of spring after a long, cold, COVID-affected winter. Sprout was created by the Hortis and the Friends as a way of thanking local businesses and traders for their hard work to get themselves and their community through COVID.

A volunteer works on a display in the Daylesford Town Hall. (Photo: Margaret Hodge)

Friday was a busy day in Town Hall as volunteers from the Hortis and the Friends, led by Denise Robinson, Jill Teschendorff and Sue Mucke, created spectacular displays for local shops. Residents and visitors in Vincent Street were stunned by a steady parade of floral arrangements making their way from the Town Hall to their destinations.

The weekend weather forecast is not outstanding but you can brighten it considerably by taking a walk through our main streets and visiting local shops to take in this wonderful combination of gardening expertise and creative talent.

Be sure to check out The Wombat Post display in the front window of the Daylesford Newsagency and Lotteries. Our thanks to owners Rose Johnson and Les Faulkhead for supporting The Wombat Post.

‘Sprout’ has been made financially possible through substantial sponsorship from the Hepburn Shire Council and the Community Bank Daylesford District. Residents and visitors will enjoy the displays for free. There is no cost to local traders other than providing a space.

Brochures with maps of the community association displays will be available over the weekend from the Town Hall. You can read the ‘Sprout’ brochure below or download it here.